Silversea Senior Cruises

The luxury of traveling is one of the BENEFITS of living as a retiree. Even if you are not a retiree, it is nice to plan a cruise to get value out of life especially during the time of the holiday.

Today, as there are a broad range of cruise available, choosing the right cruise, may be tasking, because you will wish to book a trip that will meet your expected dream and not below your expectation.

You must choose the cruise that best suits you for cruise come in different categories, destinations, durations, as well as activities on land and aboard the vessel.

These are questions you need to ask yourself before you start searching for the best senior cruise packages:

• What is your budget
• How many days do y0u want to travel
• Are you going alone, with a partner, family, or group?
• What do you want to obtain from this trip?
• Do you have any health issues that need special assistance?

Some cruise lines don’t provide maximum convenience to passengers with disabilities while some go as far as offering hydraulic pool chairs in their pool as well as wheelchair accessibilities.

Also, some ships are designed exclusively to serve adults while some cater for the multi-generational families.

So, you need to ask yourself if you are against voyages that geared toward a younger generation or if you have a specific medical condition.

Would you like to go on a journey on a small luxury cruise ship that can take you beyond the reach of larger ships?

One that offers more intimacy onboard?

One where you can get high quality of personalized services?

One where your dream can be fulfilled?

Then Silversea senior cruises are the best choice.

Silversea cruise lines sail to more than 900 locations around the world and can also sail up the narrow waterway into the center of a town.

And what is uniquely pleasing about the Silversea’s senior cruise small ships are the intimacy, friendly fellowship, and the thrill of exploring hidden harbors where others cannot go.

Silversea senior cruise four purpose-built expeditions can bring you to the furthermost edge of the planet for those who crave to explore the new and unknown.

silversea senior cruises

The experience onboard of their prestigious ships is pleasing and the large view suites together with the epic enjoyment of cuisine.

At Silversea senior cruise, their friendly hospitality and European cachet attract people all over the world. Every voyage is not only a journey of discovery at Silversea but also the elixir of life.

Silversea Senior Cruises Intimate Luxury Ships

A deluxe cruise means many things to many people.

But the small ships Silversea’s Senior Cruises personify the true meaning of comfort.

There is no better place between sky and sea with over 300 suites on their biggest ships, their beautiful new ship SILVER MUSE, and some of the most effusive vessels at sea with large public space on board.

Silversea cruise ships are small enough to visit different destinations, but also large enough to cater for everything you could dream of, from elegant fine dining to a personal servant and best services.

That’s the real luxury.

Silversea Senior Cruises – ALL-INCLUSIVE Exclusivity

Moreover, you will love free-flowing first-class beverages just like wines as well as spirits, tasty premium dining, in-suite cuisine, complete more suitable customer service for each room not to mention all gratuities with Silversea senior cruises.

silversea senior cruises

There is something unique about realizing that this traveling is comprehensive.


Silversea cruises have been chosen the best luxury cruise line; therefore, it is no surprise that their suites provide one of the largest space-per-guest ratios of any luxury cruise conveniences.

silversea senior cruises

Each one of their suites attributes coast attractions together with an exclusive teak deck.

Irrespective of the vessel or suite, all guests are going to be pleased by the individualized services of a receptive steward, cruising in style aboard the best luxury cruise line.


When you step on board, your servant is waiting to greet you with a smile and a glass of champagne. As you step out of the pool, a deckhand has already prepared your towel. As you sit down to dinner, your favorite drink appears in the twinkling of an eye.

silversea senior cruises

Their service remains the jewel in Silversea’s crown with staff to a guest of almost 1:1. Committed, prudent and professional, these devoted men and women are the answer to transforming your journey into a long-lasting memory.


Awarded many times Silversea’s itineraries are the best in the world. So, when they say the world, they mean it.

Their fleet of ships sail on all continent and not only to peculiar destinations, but from pole to the pole they get you there in superlative luxury.

silversea senior cruises

Silversea cruises 2018 – with over 900 destinations planned for 2018, whether it is iconic cities or far away shores, anywhere you wish to travel, you can get there with Silversea.

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