Silversea Cruises Reviews

Silversea is one of the foremost cruise ship companies.

It has a large fleet of absolutely fabulous cruises which go on voyages all over the world.

No matter where you are, in which continent you are, there is always easy access to one of the portal cities where at least one of the Silversea ships often docks.

With this scale of operations comes the attention of various tourism magazines and trip-experts as well as some of the foremost cruise critics, both online and on magazines.

It is incredible how good the feedback regarding Silversea Cruises has been.

These well planned and just as well executed journeys are revered on all forms of media.

Let us look at some of the latest and other most important reviews that Silversea has received.

The General Theme of Reviews

It is very hard to find any critical reviews of Silversea.

The reason is that the consistency in the delivery of quality services and comfort is at the top of the game.

The small-scale vessels of Silversea can maneuver through tight waters to some of the most remote places in the world.

A few of these ships also make exploration a possibility while the passengers are cocooned in luxury.

According to these reviews, some of the best ships regarding the quality of services and luxury are the Silver Muse, Silver Cloud Expedition, the Silver Galapagos, Silver Explorer, the Silver Whisper and the Silver Shadow.

Some of these are full-size cruises; others are smaller ones designed to reach more remote waters.

You can find some very helpful and great reviews about Silversea on various forums and blogs online.

Below, are summaries and excerpts of reviews from some major forums and some prominent critics.

All the cruises offer well-rounded opportunities for you to relax and explore new location in the world.

They offer you a touch of thrill, but without the challenges which are typically associated with adventure.

You could spend weeks on board and never feel like there is a lack of activities that you could indulge in.


According to many reviewers, some of the highlights of a trip on Silversea ships are as follows.

The ships are packed with features and activities.

There is so much to do and little time to do it.

Indeed, when comparing to competitors like Crystal, Silversea does take the crown concerning the trips and the quality of services involved.

The itineraries are packed with interesting stops, and they are so dense that you never feel bored or exhausted of traveling in any way.

U.S News

US News names it one of the five best Cruise Lines in the Mediterranean.

silversea cruises reviews

That review further goes on to elaborate how well-planned and well-executed the trips are, but the focus of the review is indeed the quality of accommodations and services onboard.

These include the fact that the smaller ships sail very easy through narrow paths and they reach some pretty remote destinations.

In the Mediterranean cruise, all the suites have clear views of the ocean, and access to fresh air.

Another great feature that impressed the reviewers is that the main restaurant and dining area is open all the time for guests.

You do not have an assigned dining time to come to the restaurant, but instead, you can show up any time you like!

The ships: Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper were both recently update, and the upgrades have really made them comfortable ships which are well-equipped with some of the major amenities that most travelers on cruises not only expect but they also need.

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Cruise Critic

Cruise Critic is the first blog when it comes to reviews and analysis of cruising options.

The reviews have been very optimistic and very flattering on the whole.

By far, the favorite cruise of Cruise Critic is the Silver Shadow.

The 382-passenger cruise is larger than many cruises but not too large.

This way, it visits some fantastic port cities around the world, and with a large number of passengers, you are always open to exciting new experiences and interactions.

Enjoy the countless amenities on board, like the fitness center, spa, massages, fantastic restaurants and much more.

Among other ships, the Cruise Critic fans are particularly fond of the Silver Explorer, and they awarded it five out of five points!

The pros are major, and the cons are too tiny to matter.

Indeed, the attention to detail of Silversea Cruises comes to light when equally detail-oriented reviewers and critics test them and give them their thumbs up.

You can read Silversea reviews on cruise critic website.

Cruise Web

Cruise Web is one of the biggest online tickets purchasing and trip guidance websites online.

The reviewers found the more luxurious classes worth the amount of money they cost.

The culinary facilities as well as other facilities also caught their eye and resulted in an overall positive and flattering review.

A great thing about the Silversea Cruises, according to Cruise Web is that there is no lack of shopping opportunities.

Whether you want to stock up on simple clothing supplies or if you’re going to go on an extravagant shopping spree, Silversea has you covered.

Silversea cruises reviews .

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