Silversea World Cruise

Silversea World Cruise

Silversea world cruise is a thing of legends.

It is a dream come true for so many people around the world that it is actually pretty difficult to grab tickets for the cruise.

The cruise takes the form of a tale, and it is a tale that you will get to tell your friends and family for the rest of your life.

This 133-day trip will span more than one-third of the year, and during that time, you will see many famous ports and some ports that you have never heard of before this.

This trip is so big and so important that the plans for 2019 Silversea World Cruise have already been revealed and tickets are selling.

Silversea World Cruise – The Itinerary


silversea world cruise

According to the itinerary, the trip will take you across the world, and you will be making stops at 52 ports, each one more captivating than the last.

You will discover new ports at exotic locations, and you will also have the chance to observe some old seaports but in an entirely new light.

The Silver Whisper, as the name insinuates is a ship that will take you through this journey in vogue.

You will be visiting ports of various countries, but firstly London, which is the starting point of the cruise.

From there you will be taking the straight rout to various portal cities of Europe.

From here, the cruise will proceed southward to Cape Town of South Africa, and from there, you will be sailing along the coast of Africa and making several stops at ports like Mombasa.

silversea world cruise

From here, you will be making a bull’s eye for Sri Lanka and then onwards, from the far east to Chinese and Japanese ports.

You will stop at a few ports of Australia, then Auckland before you start your final stretch through the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco where the cruise ends.

The Suites

Silversea has made sure that their valued customers will be making the journey, cocooned in what is the pinnacle of luxury.

The range of suites includes the exclusive and chic Owner’s Suite, but there are many options apart from that, including the Grand Suite, the Royal Suite, the fabulous Silver Suite and the cozy Medallion Suite.

Veranda Suites, Terrace Suites and Vista Suites are also available.

These suites are arranged in descending order of costs.

Every one of them is well-equipped with the necessities so that every suite will work well in making itself your temporary home for the 133 days that you will be journeying.


The trip has been meticulously planned so that the cruise can attend as many cultural events around the world as it can.

You will see the celebrations of a wide variety of cultures, and you will be marveling at the sights that these civilizations can create.

You will see the only fully restored temple in all of Polynesia, and you will hear tales and legends of great battles fought.

Other events include Japan where you will not only see some UNESCO world heritage sites, but you will also Nara to observe the Buddhist and Shinto religious practices.

You will be able to attend the opening of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Almost any country you visit on this tour will have an event in store for the passengers on board.

Services and Benefits

Silversea treats its customers like family, and it pays the utmost care that the customers and the passengers feel truly at home and taken care of.

To that extent, there are various benefits that you will be able to avail on board and off the board.

These include private transfers of your luggage, a $2,000 spending credit that you can use on board, four amazing World Cruise Events, and also a sumptuous Bon Voyage dinner.

Combine that with the gifts you will receive and the benefits and immense and very generous.

The services on board make sure that you are not missing out on anything while you are on board.

There are spas, a fitness center so that you can stay in shape on the journey, unlimited Wi-Fi, Laundry services as well as medical services.

In short, the ship is well-prepared to face and to meet any conceivable kind of emergency there is.

Apart from that, the citizens of USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK also get a VISA package with VISA to all the countries you will be visiting.

What’s Next?

If you can’t be part of the Silversea World Cruise 2018 and the Silversea World Cruise 2019, do not fret, because the plans for the 2020 world cruise are already taking shape.

Silversea World Cruise 2020

That journey will be just as fabulous and as entertaining as the other ones.

It will take you to all seven continents, and you will learn new languages, observe new cultures and see new places.

The journey will, by its end, have shown you an innumerable number of beautiful things, exposed you to new experience and taught you invaluable information of how fascinating the world is, and that it will never truly cease to amaze those who live in it.

Silversea World Cruise

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