Single senior cruises

single senior cruises

If you are a single person who has retired and who now has the time and the money to go on luxury vacations, then there are few options better suited to your needs than a singles cruise to your favorite location, tropical or otherwise.

Single senior cruises are a great opportunity to socialize and to make new friends.

Solo travelers will now become the envy of cruise ships be enjoying the six-star luxury lifestyle.

What is more important. There are more than 30 travel itineraries to choose from. You will, quite simply, be spoiled for choice.

But if you want to see a lot of famous locations and if you want to have some serious fun on your cruises as a single senior person, then the following cruises are going to be great for you.

7 Night South America Cruise

single senior cruises

Think about it: a week without worrying about others, having the time of life, basking in the tropical sun and while you are at it, meeting new people and having interesting conversations.

It is all possible with the cruise to South America on the ultra-luxurious Silver Galapagos. Those who have already been to this cruise testify to the fact that this cruise is a perfect way to detoxify and de-stress.

Return home a NEW person with renewed vigor and joy.

17 Night Africa Cruise

Make a luxury cruise your perfect summer retreat.

This is a long cruise that is designed for those people who hate to be bothered and contacted while they are on vacation.

For seventeen days, you will simply disappear from the world, and reappear after you have had the time of your life.

The Silver Muse is a majestic ship, and for the ticket prices that you have to pay, you get more than your money’s worth in terms of enjoyment and relaxation.

7 Night Alaska Cruise

You can have a seven-night cruise take you from Vancouver to Seward.

The itinerary is simple and the ship, Silver Muse is known for its luxurious décor and set up.

You will be well-taken care of by the staff, and more interestingly, the spa, fitness room, as well as various other amenities, are designed to be more useful for senior people.

It is the idea singles cruise that will give you the thrill of adventure but all the while you are resting in luxury.

7 Night Mediterranean

If you have been on cruises before or if you are doing your research, then you must know that the Mediterranean is perhaps the best cruising sea in the world.

It houses some of the most exotic cities in the world, and cruises that connect these cities expose you to some humanmade and other natural wonders.

Similarly, the seven-night cruise on the Silver Muse is designed so that your focus is not your partner or family, but the beauty of the sea around you and the allure of new conversations and interesting interactions.

Take the opp. to meet someone new and to make new friends, possibly even fall in love by taking part in this romantic voyage of beauty and glamour.

senior cruises for singles

13-Night Australia

Australia and New Zealand are two countries not without a thrill of their own.

These two countries house a large number of port cities and towns, which is why it is a particularly auspicious opportunity that you get to be on a cruise which will take you from New-Zealand’s Auckland southeastward, circumnavigating New Zealand and emerging from the southern tip to go straight to Australia.

New Zealanders and Australians might be all too aware of how fantastic this route can be.

Who knows?

You might get to some sperm whales in the water.

13 Night Far East Cruise

The far east has in recent years, attracted a larger number of tourists.

A 13-night cruise through some of the most temperate waters takes you from Singapore to Hong Kong, and on the way, you can see some of the major and historic cities of the far east.

It will be in many ways, a spiritual journey that you will be embarking on alone but rest assured.

The cruises provide so many opportunities to socialize that very soon, you will have your own gang of senior tourists with young hearts ready for anything.

Senior cruises for singles

It is a great voyage to detoxify and to completely forget the hassles and the troubles of everyday life.

10 Night Expedition Cruise

The Silver Discoverer is perhaps the only discovery cruise ship that also offers ultra-luxury amenities and facilities.

Who says you are too old to take part in an adventure?

But since the purpose of adventures is to have some self-discovery on a deeper level, you must take this voyage alone.

There is a lot to see, starting from Darwin and finishing the cruise at Broome, the itinerary is that of a thrilling ride, and you will get to see some of the harshest and most inhabitable lands and climates in the world. 

It will all be behind the impenetrable safety of the Silver Discoverer cruise ship.

Take part in an expedition and meet new people during that expedition to make the most of your time.

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Single senior cruises, single senior cruise

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